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GRR Launches Alpha Testing

On June 2nd 2011 the Global Risk Register went live for the first time. The register is now accessible to a selected group of community members who will undertake alpha testing. Read more.

GRR Strategic RiskAward Finalist

The Global Risk Register has been shortlisted for the "Most Innovative Use of IT' at this year's StrategicRISK European Risk Management Awards. The winners will be announced on May 25th 2011.

Update on the Global Risk Register

Vicky Garnett, Vodafone World of Difference Recipent for the Global Risk Register (GRR) program, comments on the GRR portal review on March 23rd at the Abbey Rooms in London.

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Global Risk Register is a not-for-profit program of Science for Humanity. It is a community of experts sharing and managing risk information for the collective benefit of humanity using an online portal.

Global Risk Register is a:

  • Community of international experts sharing strategic and operational information on societal, economic, geopolitical, environmental and technological risks.
  • Professional networking portal for identifying and assessing global risks and developing measures to mitigate these risks.
  • Wiki of information on global risks and mitigations that can help organizations and communities improve their risk management activities.
  • Direct link between communities in need and risk experts across the globe.

Benefits to organizations and humanity:

  • Transfers valuable knowledge to communities in need globally.
  • Permits greater efficiency in identifying, assessing and controlling risks.
  • Provides access to comprehensive information on risks and mitigations.
  • Supports the United Nations' Millennium Development Goals by allowing individuals to identify and treat risks facing humanity.


I am delighted to be working with Flexeye to align the GRR with the aims of Science for Humanity.

Trustee of Science for Humanity

A charity that aims to match scientific capability to human needs.

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